JB Certificates of Life

Know who your dealing with

We are sorry that you are going through or have had a loss that has lead you to us. 

You are in understanding hands, I lost my darling Jaime in 2019 at 12 weeks gestation. It tore my world apart and caused a number of dramatic changes.

Having received very little information at the hospital, I struggled with so many things for what felt like a lifetime. In 2022, having found support groups on social media, I realised that I did not feel I had done enough to acknowledge my darling baby and that it appeared I was not the only one and so began JB Certificates of Life. 

Each mother (YES even though your baby is not with you, you are still a mother/mum/mummy/mom) feels and grieves in their own way and this is why I offer two styles of certificates. 

Thank you for trusting me with this step in your journey. I vow to to treat each certificate request in the way I did when creating my own for Jaime. 

If you wish to get in touch to discuss any aspect of your certificate you are welcome to do so at any stage. 

Please also take the time to look at our support page. As someone once told me "Asking for help isn't a sign of anything but strength" 

Wishing you the strength each day to hold your head a little higher and think of your little angel with less pain and more love.